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Mango Chews

40g chewy mango snack made from real mangoes

Green Mango Chews

40g green mango chewy snacks sweet and sour

Coco Chews

40g chewy coconut snack made from the fruit of life

"B&C Healthy Snack Foods Inc. believes that "healthy eating doesn't have to be a bore." Their Mango Kernels product is a testament to that.  These delicious chewy fruit snacks are all made from Philippine mangoes.  B&C products are free from preservatives, high in vitamin C, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and low in sodium.  Coco Chews, one of their latest products, has gain traction and interest in the international market particularly in Europe.  B&C Helps the livelihood of Filipino farmers by using local and seasonal harvests in their products, sold both within the country and internationally."

- CNN Philippines - Leading Women to Press for Progress

"Just as Filipinos enjoy the fruit across their different stages of ripeness, these sweet treats come in both yellow and green variants—the former featuring the sunny, tropical essence of ripe mangoes, the latter featuring the mouth-puckering sourness of green mangoes. Pop one (or a lot) in the mouth and you get a potent dose of flavor you can only get from real fruit, in the form of a slightly firm, chewy candy, with just a hint of creaminess toward the end for balance."


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