Who are we?

Established in 2016, we are a young and dynamic food company that aims to produce wholesome and healthy snacks for everyone’s consumption.  Our products are made with real fruits.  Our goal is to bring excitement and fun to our customer's wholesome snacking.  After all, healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring.   And snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy. 

What do we make?

The first of our healthy snack foods is our chewy fruit snacks line - Mango Chews.  Unlike dried fruits, B&C fruit chews are chewy, softer in texture, does not contain sulfates or harmful preservatives.  Mango Chews are made from real mangoes.  No preservatives.  High source of Vitamin C.  Fat-Free.  Cholesterol Free.  Very Low in Sodium and Gluten-Free.  Also available are our Green Mango ChewsSpicy Mango Chews, and Spicy Spicy Green Mango Chews.

Aside from Mangoes, we make coconuts a little more fun to eat too with our chewy coconut snack - Coco Chews.

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What sets us apart from everyone else?

Our products are a fun alternative to snacking on dried fruits like dried mangoes or dried coconut.

This innovative product was developed to provide healthy, ready-to-eat snacks using real tropical fruits.   In a market saturated with artificial fruit flavored fruit chews, what sets B&C Healthy Snack products apart from everyone else is the use of real fruits.  We aim to produce healthy and wholesome snacks.  Our careful process ensures a  significant amount of the fruit's natural nutrients are retained.  Unlike traditional dried fruits that use sulfites and high amounts of sugar to extend the shelf life, our chewy fruit snacks are a healthier alternative for our customers.

Our products are made in the Philippines in Muntinlupa City (part of Metro Manila) but we source our mangoes and coconuts from different parts of the country depending on season and availability.  Luckily, most tropical fruits such as mangoes and coconuts are available year-round.

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